Research/Brainstorming Ideas

“Consume Smarter” campaign

Brainstorming Ideas

-Human contribution to climate change-

  • Plastic Bags
  • Consumerism- spend money on experiences rather than products
  • Transportation
  • Factory fossil fuels
    • Efficient transportation
    • Cotton T-Shirts and how much water goes into making them. 7000 litres for one cotton t-shirt, what an average adult would drink over 9 years.  source (


-Food Sustainability Management-

  • Reduce Methane- Cows, red meat consumption
  • Emissions-deforestation
  • Eating and the food chain- energy that goes into producing meat
  • Fertilizers and chemical agriculture- “Synthetic nitrogen fertilizers in soils produce nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas about 300 times more powerful than carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere.” -Source (
  • Water wastage in food creation

“2400 litres of water for one hamburger”- Source (”>

“15500 litres of water per kg of beef.” NZ BEEF

Water wastage because of food creation. Water Footprint

“The water footprint is a measure of humanity’s appropriation of fresh water in volumes of water consumed and/or polluted.”- Source (

“Plenty of water in the world, only 2.5% of it is freshwater”(

“Each of us, on global average, uses nearly 25 times more water indirectly (about 3800 litres per person per day) in the form of products and services compared to direct water use in our households (about 150 litres per person per day).”-

“direct and indirect use of water”

“European Commission’s Product Environmental Footprint programme.”

“Agriculture is, by far, the largest consumer of global freshwater, with irrigation accounting for more than 70% of water withdrawals”-

“The production of biomass for food, fuel and fibre, by agriculture, accounts for 86% of global freshwater use.”

“In order to feed the global population in 2025, it has been estimated an additional 500 km3 of irrigation water will be required.”

“Nearly 80% of New Zealand’s water abstractions are destined for agriculture and horticulture”


Target Audience

  • City Council
  • Average New Zealand families
  • Young Children
  • Targeting New Zealand in particular

Potential sources of information

  • …..
  • …..

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